Violence against women and girls (VAWG) mitigation strategy

This component aims to increase the well-being and security of women and girls. It is providing strategic support to key national and county level institutions to develop, operationalise and implement legislation, frameworks and policies related to the prevention and redress of gender-based violence (GBV) in general and VAWG in particular. Key intervention areas include:

  • supporting institutions mandated by the Government to tackle VAWG, including civil society organisations and community based organisations, to strengthen legislative frameworks around GBV/VAWG;
  • creating awareness on the existing legislation, policies and frameworks laws;
  • enhancing the capacity of law enforcement officers responsible for gender desks and child protection units at 32 pilot police stations in eight counties;
  • supporting the development and operationalisation of action plans to enhance redress and prevention mechanisms;
  • supporting initiatives for enhancing survivors’ and victims’ protection, recovery, access to justice and rehabilitation through lobbying for stable and sustainable county government funding.